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Botox for TMJ

Cosmetic & Therapeutic Injectables

Like many dental treatments, Botulin’s role in dentistry is both therapeutic and cosmetic. Invisalign improves bite function and gives patients a straighter, more beautiful smile. A crown fills in for a missing tooth, which helps patients chew and talk normally, while also visually filling the gap to restore confidence. And, Botulin interrupts TMJ pathology to relieve its symptoms, while reducing wrinkles and the appearance of stress on patients’ faces. Brooklyn Dental Collective offers cosmetic and therapeutic injectable treatments for the following functional and cosmetic concerns:

  • TMJ/TMD symptoms
  • Tension headaches and some migraines
  • Bracing, clenching, or grinding (bruxism)
  • Excessive gingival display (gummy smile) or high lip line
  • Tension (and its appearance) from head to neck
  • Masseter hypertrophy

What Does Botulin Do? 

Botulin is a drug that temporarily prevents muscles from moving by blocking specific chemical signals from nerves. This forced relaxation of musculature can stop tension-related pathologies such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding. 

Can Dentists Give Botox Injections?

Can Dentists Give Botulin Injections?

Absolutely! And we can do it in a therapeutic way that addresses symptoms of tension and stress, while giving you the youthful look you’re after. Botulin has provided cosmetic benefits to furrowed brows and pursed lips everywhere since the early 2000s. Its therapeutic use goes back to the late 80s; and dentists have been offering Botulin injections for therapeutic and cosmetic benefits since 2013. 

Reach out to Brooklyn Dental Collective today to learn more about the cosmetic and therapeutic benefits of Botulin injections. Dr. Sager will be happy to help you identify whether it is appropriate for your symptoms and get you started.

Botulin Treatment for TMJ

Various underlying issues can cause TMJ, but at its heart is always excessive muscle tension around the temporomandibular joint. By targeting the specific muscles responsible for this unwanted tension, we’re able to interrupt unhealthy patterns so you can live a more carefree life. The deepest benefits of Botulin treatment come in the form of symptom relief, which may include:

  • Reduction or absence of jaw pain
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less wear or damage to teeth 
  • More functional chewing
  • No more jaw locking

But in addition to the above relief, TMJ patients who receive Botulin treatment typically also notice cosmetic benefits. Thanks to Botulin’s mechanism of action, it also smooths the appearance of associated aesthetics, including lines, wrinkles, and bags.

Gum Lift

Botulin treatment can also reduce what’s known as a “gummy smile,” or excessive gingival display. While the treatment is sometimes called a gum lift, it’s truly more of a lip-lowering. This works on the same relaxation mechanism that makes Botulin treatment so effective for TMJ and other tension symptoms. It relaxes the muscles in the upper lip so the lip can rest over the gums, concealing them appropriately. Brooklyn Dental Collective offers gum lifts in NYC, and we can help you determine if it’s the right treatment for you.

Where to Get Botulin treatment NYC

Search no more! Book your appointment at Brooklyn Dental Collective today to talk with us about dental and cosmetic injectable treatments. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you determine if Botulin treatment is a good choice for you.

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