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Composite Fillings

Cavities happen! Brooklyn Dental Collective works hard to help you avoid them altogether, but up to 90% of adults will have a cavity in their lifetime. So, let’s talk about it! Dr. Stephanie Sager is a general dentist in NYC who treats cavities skillfully and quickly. We want to share some info with you about cavities, the types of fillings we offer, the cost of dental fillings in NYC, and pain-free options.

What Type of Dental Filling is Best?

Cavities, or dental caries, are lesions in the tooth’s enamel that threaten the tooth’s structure. Left untreated, cavities can cause pain, infections, tooth loss, and gum disease. A filling is the go-to treatment for a cavity, and there are a variety of cavity filling materials to choose from. Each type has its pros and cons, but composite is by far the most popular. 

Some bigger cavities may require an inlay or onlay. These restorations are also performed using dental composite, but what sets them apart from a standard filling is their location on and proportion of the tooth. We think of inlays and onlays as if a filling and a crown had a baby, because they’re somewhere in-between!  

Dr. Sager also offers a second, super-innovative restoration material, known as Icon. Icon is more of an alternative to fillings than a filling. (More on it below!)

Finally, dental bonding may be called for if a tooth is chipped or cracked. Bonding is done with the same composite resin we use for tooth-colored fillings. You can read more about dental bonding on the Cosmetic Dentistry page.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Also known as composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings are made to match the exact color of your natural enamel so no one can see your fillings, not even you! They are made of a dental composite resin. This high-quality, durable filling material lasts up to 10 years, and patients forget they’re there all the time. We love composite fillings for the following reasons:

  • Because the resin can bond directly to your tooth, we’re able to leave more tooth structure than with amalgam (silver) fillings.
  • Composite fillings contain no metal or mercury.
  • They can last a decade or more.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetically pleasing because they’re virtually invisible.

DMG Icon Fillings

This innovative filling material is meant to treat something called incipient decay. Perhaps you’ve had a dentist tell you they’re “watching” a tooth? Usually, the reason for watching it is because they’ve identified early, or incipient, decay. Now we have technologies that can actively work against this creepy-sounding decay process.

One such technology is Icon. It isn’t technically a filling–it’s called an infiltrant. This remineralizing resin is amazing because it: 

  • Stops early decay
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • Involves no drilling 
  • Can be done in one visit
  • Can help remove white spots from teeth and reduce need for veneers or bonding 

It’s pretty incredible! As long as we catch decay early enough, Icon could be a viable option. So, make sure you stay on top of those regular exams, and you may be able to avoid the drill altogether!

How Much Do Fillings Cost in NYC?

A common question with a wide-ranging answer. In NYC, fillings can cost anywhere from $250 to $500, depending upon the location, severity, and size of the cavity, plus the material used and the number of surfaces with lesions.

What About the Pain?

First of all, please don’t worry! Fillings don’t hurt, thanks to local anesthesia. But that doesn’t stop lots of people from having anxiety about it, naturally. We understand! And we offer some distractions to help you through, including:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Streaming TV
  • Aromatherapy

That’s right, you can Netflix-and-nitrous right through it and not worry about a thing! We care deeply about our patients’ comfort, so please let us know what you need to be at ease.

Who Does Great Dental Fillings in NYC?

Brooklyn Dental Collective, of course! Book your appointment today for your cavity filling, and let us know if you have any questions, fears, or special needs.

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